Your story waits to be told. Let me tell it in a clear and vivid way that matters to your audience. Whether you need branding or a stronger corporate identity, let’s use content to help your brand succeed on every level.



“I’ve hired Maureen for several projects and she consistently provides me with excellent work that is delivered on time and within budget. She has a flair for language and works extremely hard to understand her topic in as much detail as possible. When I assign a project to Maureen, I have complete confidence that I will get the results that I need.”
Chris Mindnich, Marketing Director, Exact Software, Stockton, CA

“Each time we released one of Maureen’s WOW stories, sales went up 25% for the next six weeks, and there was a 40% pass-along rate.”
Ken Sourbeck, Manager, Living Greens Farms, Faribault, MN

“I’m thrilled with MaureenInk’s work.”
Dean Antonakes, President, uniPoint Software, Toronto, Canada

“What makes Maureen unique is her United Press International reporter background. She has exceptional interviewing skills, whether for a story or for research. Her case studies and other content marketing have helped us create a brand personality for JobBOSS Software.”
Michelle Schindler, CEO, Successful Integrated Marketing, Mpls., MN

“It was gratifying to see how quickly Maureen could jump into an unknown industry, come up to speed, and write intelligently to our audience of golf course superintendants and sports turf managers.”
Deanna Griffith, former Marketing Manager, Jacobsen/Textron, Charlotte, NC

“With Maureen’s strategic guidance and partnership, we dove fully into the world of social media marketing. Thanks to her, we filmed a YouTube video, launched an Amicus blog which has tremendous momentum, and established ourselves on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Maureen helped us integrate our approaches seamlessly to achieve agency goals such as volunteer recruitment, community building and fundraising.”
Steve Nelson, Communications Director, Volunteers of America, Mpls., MN

“Maureen excels at content marketing that builds credibility and authority. For a business like Exact that required a high ratio of valuable content mixed with periodic promotional messages, Maureen proved invaluable. She is a pro at creating content, blogging, white papers, the type of content that solves a problem our prospects/customers care about. She helped Exact in those areas for years.”
Michelle Schindler, Sr. Marketing Mgr., Exact Software, Mpls., MN

“Over the years, Maureen has been of great value to me and our company. Her marketing and writing skills, as well as her persistence, have helped make our marketing efforts extremely successful.”
Todd M. Gallagher, CEO, TGC Services, Orange County, CA

“Maureen provides a wonderful service. I have used her as a contractor for several years in the development of white papers, customer case studies and articles.”
Julie Godfrey, Product/Market Manager, Pearson, Mpls., MN

“Maureen always delivers a compelling and concise story that resonates with our readers.”
Chuck Bush, Editor, CNC WEST, La Brea, CA

“Maureen understands the business environment, and whether it’s an executive bio or business proposal or sales letter, she puts a compelling twist on things to spark a reader’s interest.”
Tucker Muhrer, V.P. Fintegra Financial, Mpls., MN

“Maureen’s professionalism, honesty and character are something you don’t see in every individual today. She is a remarkable marketing professional who demonstrates great creativity.”
Leah Woolsey, Manager, Edina Realty, Eden Prairie, MN