Make your marketing efforts pay off.  Our  specialty is providing custom content, online marketing and PR that makes your prospects want to interact with you. MaureenInk Marketing specializes in unconventional approaches coupled with strong writing and design. The goal is differentiate yourself and foster a dialogue in the fastest, most provocative way possible.

Customers are shutting out traditional marketing. Isn’t it time to provide content so compelling it causes your prospects to stop…think… and engage with you?

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Generate Content that Grabs Attention

Want to engage your prospects’  attention, offer them valuable information, and at the same time, change the way they think about your company?

There are five types of content that accomplish this. These approaches work for websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, and pretty much any medium aimed at any audience.

The Trend: What is the present situation? Share your views as an informed observer or participant on how the trend will develop. List your reasons for believing this. Then offer ways to avoid harm or to benefit from the trend.

The Meteor:  A trend may be slow moving but a meteor happens fast, like 9/11 was a “meteor” for many industries, especially travel and security. To provide excellent meteor content, you need to keep your ear to the news and watch for sudden transformations that affect your target market. Then describe the event and recommend ways to avoid problems or benefit from it.

The How To: Here you’re conveying “We care about your success.” This is effective only if it covers a topic your target market really cares about. Using “how to” content tells your prospects how to accomplish their goals. It shows you care about achieving a good outcome for them.  An example is Jacobsen mowers explaining how golf courses can use green technology (their all-electric mowers) to save on fuel and safeguard the environment.

The Case Study: We can fulfill your needs; we’ve done it already for someone just like you. The key here is that the case study covers a situation that closely matches the needs of the prospect reading it. Case studies work hard when they teach or share something your readers can actually apply. Take a story approach and offer insights they can use in their own reality. Outline lessons learned that will benefit the reader. At the same time, show your company’s character, resourcefulness and diligence in a given situation.

The How-to-Work-With Approach: This is how-to with a twist because it covers how to achieve the best results from a chosen service provider. This tact works well when you’re dealing in a service that is a commodity, one in which it might be hard to tell the differences between providers. Your goal with this approach is to establish trust; sometimes trust is the only way to stand out, and this approach helps establish it. For example, a home remodeler who would write on how to work with a renovation expert, including ways to save, such as handling your own demolition. You’re showing your customers you are a supplier who cares about them.

Your content is a public reflection of your professionalism. Your website, blog, collateral, thought leadership and social media create and nurture a strong brand. We help you keep it crisp, relevant and lead-generating. Our mission is content that fosters leads, referrals and sales.

“Each time we released one of Maureen’s WOW stories, sales went up 25% for the next six weeks . . .” Ken Sourbeck, Exact Software, Mpls., MN